A Simple Itch on a Woman’s Leg Turned out to be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

According to a story from thesun.co.uk, Jade Baldwin, 35 had been dealing with mysterious itchiness for years before she sought medical attention for it. While her legs were itchy, there was no noticeable disturbance on her leg that indicated the cause. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a symptom of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare form of cancer.

About Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that affects a type of white blood cell called a lymphocyte. This type of lymphoma is closely associated with the Epstein-Barr virus; about half of all cases have been linked to infection with this virus. Other possible risk factors for Hodgkin’s lymphoma include a family history and HIV/AIDs. Symptoms of this cancer include fever, night sweats, itchiness, kidney damage, swollen lymph nodes, back pain, bleeding easily, weight loss, and enlargement of the liver and/or spleen. This cancer is usually treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Early stage disease is often curable, and the five year survival rate in the US is 86 percent. The high cure rates are encouraging but there is a lot of concern about the after effects of Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment, which appears to increase the risk of other cancers and heart disease. To learn more about this cancer, click here.

Jade’s Story

Since her diagnosis, Jade has received four rounds of chemotherapy, but they have not been able to cure her cancer. Unfortunately, Jade’s cancer had reached an advanced stage and had begun to spread to her lungs. Now, she is raising £50,000 for a new treatment that will hopefully save her life.

It is unclear why the chemotherapy has not been effective for her. Some of Jade’s doctors are convinced that her body is resistant to chemo. The new treatment that Jade is hoping to try is called nivolumab. This monoclonal antibody works in an entirely different way from chemotherapy, and it is not commonly used for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Unfortunately, Jade is simply out of options. Through it all, her itchiness has returned, which suggests that her disease is still alive and well. To help donate for Jade’s treatment, click here.

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