As Time Runs Out, the Family of a Boy With Mitochondrial Disease Makes the Most of His Final Days

According to a story from Yahoo, the family of Wyatt Beiermann, a seven year old boy with lethal mitochondrial disease, is doing their best to savor the limited time that they will have with him. This rare disease is already having severe impacts on Wyatt’s body and his coordination, vision, and stamina is starting to decline. The symptoms of Wyatt’s mitochondrial disease first began to appear when he was around two years old.

About Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondrial diseases are a group of genetic disorders that causes the mitochondria not to function properly. The mitochondria are an essential organelle that is found in most types of cells in the body, with red blood cells being the only exception. They are responsible for generating energy for the cell. Mitochondrial diseases are usually caused by mutations of the mitochondrial DNA or the nuclear DNA. Symptoms tend to be the worst when the issue affects cells that use a lot of energy, such as the muscles or parts of the brain. These symptoms affect many aspects of bodily function and include poor growth, poor muscle coordination, dementia, neurological issues, muscle weakness, breathing disorders, vision problems, digestive disorders, hearing problems, disease of the kidney, liver, and heart, and learning disabilities. Treatment options are limited in number and in their effectiveness. To learn more about mitochondrial diseases, click here.

Wyatt’s Story

Some of Wyatt’s favorite things include baseball, hugs from his parents, country music, his sister Dani, and the family dog, Cali. The Beiermann family are unfortunately stuck with the knowledge that there is little that they can do to intervene in Wyatt’s illness, as there are very few treatments for mitochondrial disease. To make matters even worse, the medication and vitamin supplements that he does use are not covered by insurance. As a result, the family is further burdened with obscene medical bills.

The family and their closest friends have been raising money to help cover the costs and to help Wyatt get as many memorable experiences as possible. The family recently vacationed in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. Support from the Make-a-Wish Foundation will allow the family to travel to Cocoa Beach in Florida as well.

“I want Wyatt to be able to feel and see the ocean while he still can and enjoy it with his little sister,” Wyatt’s mother Kim said.

To support Wyatt Beiermann and his family, click here.

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