Join the 2019 Walk for Behcet’s Disease in Orlando, Florida for Awareness Day!

Behcet’s Awareness Day is May 20th!

Behcet’s disease (also known as Behçet’s and Behçet’s syndrome) is a rare condition that causes chronic inflammation which manifests as ulcers (commonly referred to as canker sores). These ulcers most often appear in the mouth and on the genitals. Inflammation also commonly affects the eye and skin. Sometimes, this inflammation attacks the joints, and, in rare cases, the digestive system, brain, and/or spinal cord.

To read more about Behcet’s disease, click here!


This year, the American Behcet’s Disease Association’s ‘Walk for Behcet’s Disease’ and Patient Education Program will take place in Orlando, Florida on May 18th and 19th.

For anyone in the central Florida area with ties to any rare condition, this is a great opportunity to show the solidarity and strength of the rare disease community!


The Walk itself will be held at Southport Park in Orlando, FL, on Sunday, May 19th, from 9:00 am  to 11:30 am.

Registration for the Walk is $25 for adults and free for anyone under 18!

To read more about the Walk and the Patient Program, click here — and if you’re ready to register, click here!

And if you know of anyone in the Orlando, Florida area who would be interested in participating, please share this link!

Let’s show up for the Behcet’s patient community!

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