12 minutes of Inspiration

We all turn to YouTube here and there; for a good laugh, an informational mini segment on the newest word added to Urban Dictionary, or a clip from the Saturday Night Live episode where Justin Timberlake displayed yet another bro-mance performance with Jimmy Fallon.

For those living with rare diseases and chronic conditions YouTube can be a mecca for information, documentaries, mobile clips, and just finding other people out there who have something to say about their experiences.

With a killer playlist of Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw and Katie Perry playing in the background, (I mean who doesn’t love a good jam session?) this young girl shares her “Life with CVID” through a series of pictures.

rough dayYou get a glimpse into her life; some of the day-to-day challenges she faces managing common variable immunodeficiency disease, her efforts to raise awareness about the disease, great memories and tough days.

Having a rough day? Looking for a little inspiration?

If you take the time to watch all 12 minutes and 1 second you’ll be inspired.


kissing dolphins

This little girl is busy!  She kisses dolphins, makes new friends and supports others, goes fishing, and enjoys a good Cardinal’s baseball game from time to time with her family in between her infusion treatments.

Her emotions really show through in her slideshow and she doesn’t let anything bring her down!  And, she get’s some really cool band-aids from her nurses!


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