What SubQ feels like without numbing cream #lol #living with cvid

Is SubQ part of your CVID treatment plan?

Have you ever run out of numbing cream before an injection?

Are you a fan of Jim Carey?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above, check out the “Ace Ventura” clip below for a good laugh!


Subcutaneous injection (SubQ) is a necessary evil for many people living with a rare and chronic illness and it can make you feel like a human pin cushion after a while!  It is an administration method of injecting a needle under the skin into the layer of fatty tissue for medications that are less than 2 mL in volume.

Click here for a step by step run down from WikiHow to: Give-a-Subcutaneous-Injection.  You’ll find: pictures, instructions, things to consider, a “what you’ll need” checklist, an instructional video and related informational resources.

Video Source: YouTube: ace ventura spear in the leg

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