Watch What Happens When “Froggy” Gets Serious About Acromegaly

Ok, it’s time for an experiment. Grab a random group of people off the street and stick them in a room (make sure to ask first, please). Ask them to define “acromegaly,” and you’ll probably get a bunch of blank stares. Now show them photos of celebrities like Andre the Giant and Richard “Jaws” Kiel, and you’re more likely to get some flashes of recognition.

Andre the Giant who lived with acromegaly. Source: WordPress
Andre the Giant who lived with acromegaly. Source: WordPress
Richard "Jaws" Kiel who lived with acromegaly. Source: ImgKid
Richard “Jaws” Kiel who lived with acromegaly. Source: ImgKid


That’s the paradox of acromegaly: The physical features are easy to recognize, but most people have really no idea what the answer is to what is acromegaly .

At least one man is trying to change that. Radio Personality “Froggy” works out of Miami and has been part of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show since 2006. In that role, he’s used to making people smile and laugh. More recently, he’s been using it to raise awareness.

Froggy was diagnosed with acromegaly in 2010 after 10 years of living with strange, unexplained symptoms, like fatigue, bad headaches, and profuse sweating. More alarmingly, his hands, feet, and jaw were getting bigger. “I literally felt like I was growing out of my body,” Froggy says.

He knew something was wrong, but was scared to face it.

That changed when his mother was watching Jeopardy! and heard a clue that perfectly described Froggy’s symptoms. The answer? Acromegaly.

Now armed with a name, Froggy got in touch with his doctor. The doctor was initially skeptical, and Froggy had to push for more tests. But when an endocrinologist confirmed the diagnosis, Froggy was relieved to know the cause of his symptoms…and that there was something he could do about it.

After surgery to remove the large tumor on his pituitary gland, Froggy’s life returned to a new normal. He still needs monthly injections to control his acromegaly, and he has regular tests to monitor his levels of growth hormone. He also credits his family—including his wife and two children—for helping him cope with the changes.

Froggy now focuses on the positive and enjoys golfing and spending time with loved ones. But he also recognizes the difference he can make by sharing his story with others and encouraging them to get educated. Froggy refuses to be defined by this disease, and he doesn’t want others to either.

Ronald Ledsen

Ronald Ledsen

After emigrating from his native Sweden, Ronald spent a stint in the Merchant Marines while trying to work out what he wanted to do with his life. He discovered a love of writing while helping a friend write anonymous Harry Potter fan-fiction online; he discovered meaning to his writing when he began journaling after an anxiety disorder diagnosis. Ronald is most relaxed when spending quiet time with his wife, two sons, and hyperactive cat.

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