Editor’s Choice: Tired? There’s Reason for Hope

Happy Labor Day Weekend Patient Worthians!

We hope you can spend this weekend’s extra time with friends and family while gearing up for fall! This week we have a post explaining what you should never say to someone suffering from narcolepsy.

Do you know how vitamin D deficiency and AS are related? If not, then we have some info for you! Also, our friends with dystonia have more reason for hope, as there are experiments that are on your side. Lastly, what’s BPD and why should you be concerned? Read below.

Enjoy your long weekend and have fun reading this week’s Editor’s Choice!





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5 Things People With Narcolepsy Are Tired of Hearing

As a person with rare disease, I definitely get a little annoyed at common, insensitive statements or questions.

Here are five things people with narcolepsy are probably sick of hearing!

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How D-ficiency and AS are Related Will Blow Your Mind

Low vitamin D is mentioned almost every time I go to the doctor. I’m told to take 25,000 units every seven days.

So how is it related to AS? Read more here to find out!

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Dystonia: Why Should Sufferers Have Reason for Hope?

Here at Patient Worthy, we love news of experiments, studies and clinical trials because it inspires hope and awareness around rare and neglected diseases.

Check out this post about a recent dystonia experiment that could mean good things for the community.

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Little Babies with Big Breathing Problems: What Is BPD?

Are you expecting? Then you should know about BPD and who it affects.

Check out this post and video on BPD and the risks.

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Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell is one of PW's consultants and patient editors. She has lived with late-stage, chronic Lyme and POTS since circa 2002. She has also served as a caregiver to close family members with late-stage, chronic Lyme. Before diagnosis, she served as a business consultant for a large corporation and PM for a small digital branding agency. Now, she is proactive in the rare and neurological disease community, spreading awareness and advising on matters of health and lifestyle when living with a chronic illness.

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