What You Need to Know About Schnitzler Syndrome

A friend of mine has a disease that at one time carried the name of a Nazi doctor (it was only changed about 2-3 years ago!). So I suppose “Schnitzler Syndrome,” isn’t soooo bad. And if the worst thing about the course of YOUR Schnitzler syndrome is the name, that’s REALLY not so bad.

What are some of the most recognizable signs and symptoms of Schnitzler syndrome?:

  • The first thing most people notice is a reddish, hive-looking (but non-itchy) rash on the body’s midsection (trunk), as well as on the arms and legs. The rash keeps coming back, but doesn’t affect the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, or your head and neck.
  • Fevers and joint pains go away and then return.
  • Bone and muscle pain come with the fever.
  • You experience enlarged lymph nodes.
  • There is swelling of the liver and/or spleen.
dog sad schnitzler
That’s how we feel, too. Just wrapping up in a blanket and hiding from the world. Source: giphy.com

Why Me?

No one really knows what causes Schnitzler syndrome. They DO know that an antibody produced by B cells—immunoglobulin (IgM)—is involved and that “M-proteins” accumulate. Researchers categorize Schnitzler as an autoinflammatory disorder, but have yet to be able to answer the “Why Me? Question every person asks when they’re diagnosed with a chronic illness.



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