Proof of Concept Study for Cervical Dystonia

Current treatments for cervical dystonia provide inadequate relief to many.

Dystonia twists people and leads to strange postures, involuntary movements and pain. It affects men, women and children. Check out more than a dozen articles on Cervical Dystonia here at Patient Worthy.

Something new is needed, and promising results in animal testing have led to a proof of concept clinical trial for a new small molecule known as Dipraglurant. This same small molecule has also shown promise in Parkinson’s Disease, another movement disorder.

While not yet recruiting, the trial will be a double blind placebo controlled study. The principal investigator is Buz Jinnah, Director of the Dystonia Coalition and Professor of Neurology at Emory University. Addex Therapeutics, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland will sponsor the trial.

A partnership between Addex Therapeutics and Dystonia Medical Research Foundation  was formed in January 2015 in preparation for the trial. Read the full press release here.

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