Editor’s Choice: Thanksgiving Gratitude in the Face of Rare Disease

Happy Thanksgiving Patient Worthians!

We hope you are recovering from big meals and continuing to spend time with family this weekend.

Editor’s choice this week focuses on gratitude expressed by our contributors suffering from EDS, Lyme and acromegaly. We also have a new PW contribution about her battle with acromegaly.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!



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Unfortunately, We Missed It

Have you gone from specialist to specialist only to come back with less answers than you had before?

Then you’ll be interested to hear from this PW contributor on her battle getting diagnosed with acromegaly.

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Grateful at Thanksgiving

Patient Worthy Contributor Alexis has been battling Lyme for the entirety of her marriage.

In her latest post, she tells us what she is most thankful this year, including her supportive hubby!

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Grateful Cabin Fever

Patient Worthy Contributor Kara tells us what she’s thankful this year.

Check out her post here.

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The Gift of Empathy this Thanksgiving

Patient Worthy Contributor Sharon shares with us her Thanksgiving gratitude.

Read her thoughts here.

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