Editor’s Choice: What is Your Resolution This New Year?

Happy Almost-New-Year Patient Worthians!

What is your new year resolution? As someone living with a chronic illness, mine is to get back to my cardiologist for that much-needed check-up I’ve been avoiding… along with other specialists I need to revisit.

This week we have some great insights from PW Contributors for the new year. Check them out below!

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!



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Amber’s Approach to the New Year with Cervical Dystonia

PW Contributor Amber talks about when her new year begins, and how she approaches it.

If you have ever started a year off with many challenges, but it ended  with hope, this read is for you!

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My Chronic Illness New Year’s Resolution

I admit it. I slacked off this year. Through my lifestyle, I managed my disease. But my doctors have been calling me like I’ve dropped off the map!

Here, I discuss what I plan to do to address my disease head-on… while including my doctors.

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New Year, New Body, New Me

PW Contributor Alexis details her approach to recovery from treatment this new year.

Check out her progress here!

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Holidays with Dystonia

PW Contributor Nolan is filled with gratitude this holiday season.

Read how he’s spreading cheer!

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