Need a Dose of Inspiration? Read This Heartwarming Hunter Syndrome Story

One teenager with Hunter syndrome doesn’t let anything hold him back. This doesn’t go unnoticed.

Hunter syndrome is a rare inherited disorder which prevents production of a key enzyme that breaks down some of the materials in our bodies.

Hunter syndrome is also called mucopolysaccharidosis type II. People with this disease experience a buildup of substances that damage cells and cause symptoms.

For Jack Frye, this means sinus infections, join pain, and weakness. He has both mental and physical difficulties, but he perseveres. He does not let anything hold him back.

Jack Frye is described as a kind, friendly, and hard-working person.

He’s touched many lives since starting high school, even his special education teacher. She states that Jack makes her feel grateful for everything she has and what she can give to others.

Likewise, his sister describes him as an open and energetic person who loves to meet others. She says he is always up for anything. She lives every moment as if it was her last, and she does so due to her experiences with Jack.

Jack is an honorary member of his high school’s junior varsity football team. He enjoys spending time with his schoolmates and sister. He’s just like any other kid.

Clearly, Jack has a bright spirit and inspires joy in those around him.

Click here to read Jack’s story.

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