An 8-Year-Old Boy Overcomes Fear of Water to Swim in Support of Tourette’s

Two years ago, Lucas wouldn’t go anywhere near water. Last month, he tackled a swimming challenge, and he did so in support of a cause that’s close to home.

Lucas McKeown was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome a couple years ago, at the age of 6.

Tourette syndrome is classified as a neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder. Vocal as well as motor tics are the main symptoms of the condition.

Lucas had water-related anxiety, but he overcame that once he began swimming about two years ago. This was a huge accomplishment for him.

And he wanted to take his swimming farther. Lucas, along with his swimming instructor Paul, joined the Swim-A-Thon challenge.

This was not just any challenge; this was a challenge to support the Tourette Alliance.

Lucas’ mother, Christine, acknowledged how amazing Paul has been with helping Lucas. Not only has he learned to swim, Lucas now has a higher confidence level. Christine recalled his first swimming lesson and the fact that Lucas would not go near the water.

Now, he is swimming, and Christine sees a huge difference in Lucas. He enjoys his weekly swimming lessons. Christine states that her son does not have as many tics while in the pool. Overall, the swimming has been great for him.

For the challenge, Lucas and Paul planned to swim 100 lengths in the pool.

They worked together to do this. When Lucas got tired, Paul would swim in order for him to rest for a little bit.

Lucas wanted to do this swim to raise awareness of Tourette syndrome. He felt like this would also help families. Christine and Lucas want parents and their children to know that there is support for those living with Tourette syndrome.

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