Woman Runs Multiple Marathons to Support Her Best Friend and Benefit SMA

Katie and Nataleigh have been best friends since the age of three. Last July, a difficult diagnosis would bring these close friends even closer.

In July, Nataleigh had a son, Laigan. Shortly after, doctors diagnosed Laigan with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1. Nataleigh was told that babies with this type typically don’t live more than 18 months.

SMA is a rare disease that can cause a baby to have problems breathing, eating, swallowing, and moving muscles. When Katie heard about Laigan’s diagnosis, she was shocked. She did not know what words or actions would comfort her best friend.

Fortunately, SMA Trust in the UK was there to support Nataleigh and her family. For example, SMA Trust provided toys and equipment to keep the young baby happy.

Katie wanted to do her part and give back to the organization that has helped so many families. She wanted to thank them for everything they have done for Laigan. Katie had never run a long-distance race but wanted to do it for Laigan, Nataleigh and SMA Trust.

She planned to run the London Marathon in April and hopes to run in the Stockholm Marathon in June. She admits that training will be hard, but it’s something she will do for her loved ones, Laigan and Nataleigh. Her goal is to raise £3,000 for children who have SMA.

Click here to read more and here to support her goal.

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