Crohn’s? Ulcerative Colitis? Take a Hint from Vegans When Your Gut is Inflamed

“If you half-ass something, you should only expect to get half an ass back.” This was the sort of lesson I learned from my dad. The moral is there, even if the delivery is a bit crass. Essentially, you get out what you put into things. If you work hard, you get more reward. If you don’t try hard, you shouldn’t expect greatness.

This maxim works in most cases. Love. Work. Hobbies. It only makes sense that it would work the same with our diets and our health. Putting good stuff in our bodies may help us manage the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

Inflammatory bowel diseases as a whole, affect more than a million people in the United States. There is even a day set aside in May to raise awareness of the plight that sufferers or ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s face.

However, a recent study from Penn State shows that there may be relief on the way in the form of soybeans. Well, it’s not the beans themselves as much as it is the protein in the soy. Researchers, testing on mice, found that concentrated soy protein seemed to reduce bowel inflammation. Of course, more testing is needed, but these early results are encouraging.

Inflammatory bowel disease is characterized by pain, fatigue, and severe diarrhea.

The causes are not fully understood. Many doctors believe there is a connection between the disease and a malfunction in the immune system. Part of not knowing the causes means that the treatments are limited to minimizing symptoms.

With any lucky, more research will discover the underlying cause and allow doctors to cure Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis in the near future.

Read more about the study involving mice and soy protein by clicking here.

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