You’re Gonna Want to Read This Unusual Hypernatremia Story

What you’re about to read may sound like fiction. I promise you, it’s not.

Two men from Tanzania had their boat capsize while fishing in the Indian Ocean a few weeks ago. For 17 days they were lost at sea. Miraculously, they survived.

They did the only thing they had power to do: swim. But they didn’t know which direction they were going or where they were in relation to the closest shore. Day after day they fought the waves, resting by floating on top of the water when they got tired. You’re probably wondering how they fueled their bodies while in the middle of the ocean. They survived for 13 days by eating raw fish and drinking sea water. For the last 4 days of their journey they struggled to find food, becoming weaker and weaker.

On the 17th day they miraculously washed ashore, unconscious, but alive.

They were found by passersby’s who called the police, and they were immediately brought to the hospital.

Examination showed they both had developed hypernatremia, or extra sodium in the bloodstream.

This diagnosis seemed inevitable after over two weeks of drinking salt water, and is most likely what caused the fisherman to eventually lose consciousness.

Individuals with Hypernatremia often feel dizzy and are prone to lose consciousness when their sodium levels reach an elevated state.

After the fisherman regained consciousness, their hypernatremia and other ailments were treated.

Although they are expected to make a full recovery, doctors say had they been found just a few days later, they most likely would not have survived. Thanks go to the people who found the men, the police for their quick action, and the doctors and nurses who provided them care.

You can read more about this incredible tale on by clicking here! While it isn’t your typical Hypernatremia story, it shows resilience, strength, and hope on every level.

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