Boy with SMA Chosen as State Ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy Association

According to Seacoast Online early this year, Cohl Capparelli was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) about two years ago.

SMA is one of the diseases that the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) researches and supports. And Cohl is an outgoing kid in elementary school who has participated in local events such as the MDA’s Muscle Walk.

He now has the honor of being state ambassador for New Hampshire. When people think of the organization, they will think of Cohl. In his new role, he will represent children and adults facing muscular dystrophy.

He will speak throughout the state about SMA and motivate others to donate to this cause. In general, Cohl will talk to the community about diseases that affect muscle strength and mobility. He will help spread awareness by sharing his personal story with others. Cohl aims to help connect families with the resources and support they need to live longer, fuller lives with the disease.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to Cohl for using his experience to help the rare community!

Click here to read more about Cohl’s story. For information on Muscular Dystrophy Association click here.

How does Cohl’s story inspire you to advocate? Share your thoughts with us here.

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