How These Women Turned a Tourette Diagnosis Into an Opportunity

According to the Times Recorder, Estelle is living with Tourette syndrome, which is a disorder of the nervous system.
Those who suffer from the disorder exhibit uncontrolled, unwanted sounds or repetitive movements known as tics. Estelle’s mother Jackie, also has the disorder.

Jackie noticed that her daughter’s Tourette tics were getting worse. They associated this with some products she was exposed to that had artificial dyes as well as synthetic ingredients. Luckily for Estelle, Jackie has been making natural products for her body most of her life.

Jackie created a solution to help her daughter, which led to a new business.

Soon after Estelle started using the products, it was no longer just a hobby. The company Cashmere and Twig was formed with Jennifer Eubanks, Jackie’s sister.

Cashmere and Twig is a company that makes both organic body and organic hair products. Their products do not have parabens, artificial products, or synthetic fragrances. With the help of their family and friends, 10 hair and body products were developed.

One of the products is called the “Dream Butter,” which is made from coconut oil and lavender. This product soothes Estelle. When Estelle is stressed or cannot sleep her symptoms are the worse and this product helps her. Additionally, Cashmere and Twig personalizes products to fit the needs of each customer.

Click here to read more about their story and be sure to visit — natural, fragrance-free, synthetic dye-free and paraben-free products can be good for a lot of patients with sensitivities, regardless of rare disease.

Have you turned your chronic illness challenges into opportunities for yourself or others? Share your story with Patient Worthy!

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