Teen Shaves Head and Shows Ovarian Cancer Who is Boss

ovarian cancer
Source: www.pixabay.com

There are a lot of stupid videos on the internet. It’s amazing what can catch on and go viral. Some videos are funny and feature fur-babies being adorable. Those can make you giggle, but can also be a real time suck. Some videos have people doing incredibly goofy things like breaking watermelons on their heads. Those are forgettable.

Then, every once in a while, something special comes along and makes a real impression. Just ask anyone who’s watched the video of Mckenzi Middlebrook.

When Mckenzi posted a video to the internet, she didn’t plan on it going viral or becoming an inspiration for others, according to an ABC News story. She was simply taking a stand for herself. You see, Mckenzi is battling ovarian cancer and neuroblastoma. She knew it was only a matter of time until the chemotherapy sessions would play havoc on her beautiful, long, chestnut hair. So, she decided not to wait for the inevitable. She took things into her own hands.

Mckenzi gathered her family and closest friends and decided to shave her hair before it fell out on its own. With her parents by her side and her father with an electric razor, this brave teenager took control of what she could.

A friend captured the event on her camera. It was emotional, but you can see Mckenzi’s determination to make a difference. What she didn’t count on was the difference she would make in other’s lives.

She hadn’t planned on it, but later that night, she posted the video to the internet. Within days, she had tens of thousands of tweets and messages of support from people across the country.

Mckenzi was inspiring others to take control of their lives. Some were taking small steps. Some were taking big ones. All were trying to do something different as a result of what she had done. Now that’s the kind of video message we should all hope takes off and goes viral!

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