Bikers Rally To Support Child with CLOVES Syndrome

A simple facebook post has led to a life changing event for a young boy with CLOVES Syndrome. Keep reading to find out how, or follow the original story here.

Alex is eight years old. He’s been staying home from school recently. For most kids, skipping school sounds like a dream come true. In Alex’s case it’s a nightmare. Other children have been bullying him over the rare condition he was born with.

CLOVES Syndrome. There have been, at most, 400 diagnoses of CLOVES worldwide. It causes continual, and abnormal growth of body parts. For Alex it affects his face on the left side. Parts of his face, like his ear, or eye, will continue to grow for the rest of his life. To read more about this rare condition, click here.

Looking different can be difficult, especially at school. Alex’s mother, Nichole, says Alex has dealt with bullying his whole life. She tells a story about how when Alex was two, the children at the playground created a game around him. “Keep away from the monster.”

This is where a good friend and a viral social media post come in. Nichole’s friend Kim heard Alex’s story and shared it. Kim has a few biker friends, and initially thought it would be a good show of support if they took Alex to school one day.

She expected maybe 20 people would show up. Next thing she knew, her post had more than 900 shares. From there, a support group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) reached out. Now they’re holding a full blown rally.

More than just a show of support, however, BACA went a step further. Members of the group came to Arkansas to go fishing with Alex. Fishing is one of Alex’s favorite pastimes. It gives him a place to clear his head. BACA members wanted Alex to feel like family. They represent one of several chapters in Arkansas, and a much larger national and international organization. “He’s an incredible kid…” said one BACA member. “…And he is our hero.”

Alex’s mother had been worried about his mood recently. He seemed down. Thanks to Kim, and his new BACA friends and family, Alex is smiling bigger than ever. BACA rode to school with Alex on October 9th. They welcome anyone else that wanted to come and show their support. Sherwood Elementary, where Alex attends, continues to work closely with Alex to ensure he is comfortable in school.

How does Alex feel about all this?

“I have all these people that are here for me this is my dream. I’m living my dream right now.”

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