A Nigerian Senator Just Gave 15,000 People Free Eye Treatment

Around 15,000 people are to receive free eye treatment thanks to the efforts of Senator Mustafa Bukar. The senator represents the Katsina North Senatorial Zone.

Senator Bukar announced the event on the 23rd of December. The move was earmarked as part of the senators efforts of outreach to his constituency. The senator hopes that the opportunity will promote improving health standards and will also be a reward for the citizens of his constituency.
Nearly N20 million has been set aside to help fund the program which will be administered by the Katsina eye care centre. Senator Bukar said that a variety of different eye complications will be treated under the program, including glaucoma, cataracts, and short sightedness. Other tools for vision correction, such as reading glasses, will also be provided to participants.

The event will last for approximately a month within all twelve council areas of the senatorial zone. Senator Bukar also mentioned that the General Hospital in Daura and Mani will operate as service centers for the various procedures that would be covered under the program.

For Senator Bukar, this is not the first time he has implemented such a program. In 2015, the senator organized a similar treatment operation that serviced nearly 7,000 people in his constituency at that time. Bukar considers the new initiative to be a second phase of the original effort made in 2015. However, he was able to obtain greater funding this time, which more than doubled the number of people who will be able to benefit. Although the number of people who can be treated under these programs are limited, they are still an opportunity for those in need to receive treatment that in some cases may be long overdue.

Nevertheless, there may be some who have a need for treatment who will be unable to acquire it with the program. Since it only lasts a month, sign ups for it will be competitive. Limitations aside, Senator Bukar’s program may very well help save the eyesight of thousands of people in the Katsina North Senatorial Zone. Hopefully, the program will be able to expand even more in the future. Read the original article in Guardian.ng.

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