Child With Severe Aplastic Anemia Needs Bone Marrow Transplant

Ellie White is everything you would want in an 18-month-old daughter, fun, playful, and full of life– yet not too long ago her family discovered she had a rare disease, reports WVCB ABC. Ellie was diagnosed with the life-threatening disorder called severe aplastic anemia and in order for her to survive, she has to find a match and undergo a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, none of her siblings are able to donate, since bone marrow transplants require a very exact match.

When Ellie was first diagnosed it came as a shock. Her parents thought her symptoms were just results of normal “rough housing”. When they realized she needed glasses, they attributed her bruises to injuries from bumping into things because of her poor vision. Yet, the bleeding and bruising only got worse. A doctor’s appointment would lead them to the diagnosis.

Severe aplastic anemia is a rare blood disease and requires the transplant as soon as possible. When a bone marrow transplant is performed the process takes up to six hours.

Mike Haddad, is a regular bone marrow donor. His daughter, also named Ellie, is now 8-years-old, but her life nearly ended when she was first born. A bone marrow transplant saved her life. He has chosen to be a consistent donor, as he wants to give families who are struggling to give their children an opportunity at life. He wants to give back to what was given to him, a child saved.
Both parents of these daughters encourage others to register and be donors too. Unless someone steps up to be a donor, people with the disease can and will die.

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