Editor’s Choice: Get By with a Little Help from your Support Group

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This week we have patient stories about a woman with MS who started a support group and a rare mom who took issues into her own hands when Medicaid wasn’t helping her son quickly enough. We also have a story about deaths related to hemophilia medication, and an update on MG risk factors.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice.

When Life Gave Her Multiple Sclerosis, She Started a Support Group

The people who best understand the struggle of MS and who give the best advice are… other MS patients.

Read about one support group’s story here.

Madea Vs. Medicaid: Mom Fights for Son with Heterotaxy Syndrome

Dealing with medicaid is a PAIN. When one mom found her son’s life was on the line, she took action.

Learn more about this family’s story here.

Having a Relative with Myasthenia Gravis Increases Your Risk, Here’s Why

Have an aunt or uncle with MG? You might want to check in with a doctor.

Read about it here.

Patient Deaths While Taking Hemlibra Have Been Linked to Other Causes, Investigators Say

When patient deaths were recorded, many people were worried that Hemilbra was the cause. Recent findings link these losses to other causes.

Read about it here.

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