Member of Music Group Simian Mobile Disco is Diagnosed with Amyloidosis

According to a story from, Jas Shaw of the electronic music project Simian Mobile Disco was recently diagnosed with AL amyloidosis. The group was planning a tour of the U.S. this summer, but they decided to cancel because Jas will not be able to participate. However, they are still planning to perform their May 4th concert in London at the Barbican Centre.
Amyloidosis is a group of diseases in which an abnormal protein called amyloid fibrils begins to accumulate in body tissue. With over thirty different types of amyloidosis, each one is defined by the misfolding of a specific protein. Symptoms can vary widely and depend on the type, but may include bleeding under the skin, diarrhea, weight loss, enlargement of the tongue, fatigue, faintness upon standing, leg swelling, numbness, and spleen enlargement. Amyloidosis often takes a long time to diagnose because of its varied presentation. Treatment options depend on the type of disease present, but the chemotherapy agent melphalan has shown some potential. About a quarter of patients may be eligible for stem cell transplant, but a common regimen is melphalan and steroids in those who are not. To learn more about amyloidosis, click here.

This is challenging news for Simian Mobile Disco– while the condition can be improved, it can also be lethal without prompt and steady treatment. It is unclear what the future holds for Jas. Thankfully, Jas has begun chemotherapy treatment and plans to have a few months of downtime. Although the future of the production duo is uncertain, only time will tell if Jas will be healthy enough to return to making music and performing.

Jas and the other member of the group, James Ford, were originally part of the English rock band Simian, but left the project in order to further explore their desire to pursue more experimental, electronic music. Their musical style draws elements from electronica, house music, and electronic dance music (EDM). Simian Mobile Disco’s new album Murmurations is slated for release in May. Jas has struggled to handle his diagnosis, but hopefully his condition will stabilize and he will be able to return to his passion.

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