A 1,000 Patient Trial for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Other Hematologic Malignancies is Now Enrolling

The Platform

Notable’s automated technology platform was created to help predict which patients would respond better to which therapies. As no patient is the same, this study is paramount. Notable has been able to predict responses in just seven days. Not only that, but they have an 84% accuracy rate according to a study which took place at Stanford.

With the information from this technology, patients and their healthcare teams can make better decisions about their treatments and healthcare options. The most recent data on this platform was just recently presented in December at the American Society of Hematology Society Annual Meeting.

Now, they are enrolling patients for the ANSWer Study which will allow them to investigate the potential values of this platform in the largest amount of patients that have ever been studied.

ANSWer Study

This clinical trial is a multi center investigation which is observational in nature. It will enroll approximately 1,000 patients who have hematologic malignancies. Patients may reside in both the United States as well as Canada.

At the time of enrollment patients clinical data and biospecimens will be collected. This information will be de-identified from the patient and will be continuously collected throughout the year.

This trial will include a wide array of hematologic malignancies including:

The trial’s primary goal is to create a tumor registry which includes the clinical outcomes of patients. The researchers hope to identify potential biomarkers and correlate clinical outcomes with ex vivo functional testing outcomes.

For more information on this trial and how to enroll, click here.

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