Editor’s Choice: A Few More Covid-19 Articles

Hi everyone,

We know you might be overwhelemed with virus news– and next week, we’ll switch the theme up. For now, we wanted to send three updates your way about Coronavirus and how it overlaps with our readers.


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Rheumatologists Could Play an Important Role in Fighting COVID-19


How could this type of specialist lead the way to protecting vulnerable groups from COVID-19?



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Why Was a Drug Being Tested for Coronavirus/COVID-19 Given Orphan Drug Designation?

Orphan Drug Designation is typically used to help rare disease drug development. COVID-19 is unfortunately very common– why has it received this label and what are the potential downsides?


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What if the World Always Thought of the Immunocompromised as They are Right Now?

Right now immunocompromised groups are talked about a lot. However, they’ve always been here around us– and have always needed communal effort to stay safe.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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