Editor’s Choice: After Diagnosis, to Med or Not to Med?

Happy New Year Everyone! How are those resolutions coming along?

This week, we have a powerful post from one of our contributors who stopped taking her meds in favor of alternative therapies. Another PW contributor talks about the mental toll his rare disease diagnosis took on him.

We also are introducing a new PW contributor, whose path to diagnosis was horrendous. Lastly, we have a new cystinosis comic for the family that will hopefully help with medication upkeep!

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!



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Why I Stopped Taking My Medications (and How You Can Too)

PW Contributor Lisa Douthit is the Wellness Warrior! She strives to make living with MG as healthy and happy as possible.

Check out why she stopped taking her rare disease meds due to awful side effects and if you and you’re medical team are interested, how you can too.

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After the Diagnosis

After getting diagnosed with a rare and chronic illness, a flood of emotions isn’t uncommon.

But what about when the depression gets almost too great? Read Tom’s story here.

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New CRN Cystinosis Comic Series is in a League of Its Own

Having trouble with med upkeep? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure how to communicate the importance of medical compliance to your child?

Take a look at this comic that might be of help to your family!

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My Agonizing and Expensive Rare Disease Diagnosis – Part 1

PW Contributor Teresa details her harrowing journey to getting diagnosed with HAE.

Read her story here.

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