Tamara’s Recovery from Guillain–Barré Syndrome

Tamara is a wife, mother of two, personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and a blogger. Furthermore, she shares her story about having Guillain–Barré Syndrome.

When Tamara received her Guillain–Barré Syndrome diagnosis, she made it her mission to learn as much as possible. Like many people, she researched online, wrote notes, and reached out to those who have the syndrome. She wanted to know everything.

As a nutrition coach, she wanted to know how a nutrient rich diet could combat her disease. She completely changed her diet based on everything she learned about supplements, juicing, and other diet related topics.

In addition to changing her diet, she started to get weekly chiropractic treatments and massages. Then she added physical therapy to her regime to help her with strength, balance, and coordination. Lastly, Tamara added yoga and water exercises to her self-made plan.

With everything she has done, her neurologist was able to taper her off the medication she was taking.

She writes about all of this in her blog.

Through everything, she has learned that she has to be her own advocate. She knows her body better than anyone else could ever know it. Whenever she felt or knew, something was wrong she would take action and try to figure out what was causing her to feel a certain way.

Tamara’s recovery began in 2007, but she did not feel like life was back to normal until 2009. Even when life got tough because of this disease, she never gave up.

Click here to read more of Tamara’s incredible blog.

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