Why Mom Was Right About Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

I recently read a report on the inspirational Lakiea Bailey, who has a rare disorder called sickle cell anemia. This disorder targets her red blood cells.

Sickle cell diseases can cause fatigue, physical pain, and range of infections. The symptoms can be controlled, but there is not a cure.

WABE reported earlier this year that at three years old, Lakiea was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. She is now 38 years old and strives to do the impossible. Many may think some things are impossible given her condition, but she has achieved so much. Lakiea believes in the power of perseverance.

As a child, Lakiea’s mother Doris Bailey would not allow her to sit still. Doris would always push her daughter. She did not allow her to ever use sickle cell anemia as a crutch or a reason for why she could not do something. Lakiea jokes that whenever her mother tells her to sit down, she can’t. Because that is something she was taught.

Lakiea and Doris discuss how people are taught “learned helplessness.” This means that people are taught to feel helpless when they have a condition or disease. They believe that we need to reject this principle as a society. Lakiea was not allowed to feel helpless, and people often commend her on that. Sometimes life is not easy, but we have to push through.

Both Lakiea and Doris are advocates and speak to others about sickle cell anemia.

Lakiea has a doctorate degree in Molecular Hematology and Regenerative Medicine and is the director of the Sickle Cell Community Consortium.

Click here to read more on the original Atlanta story.

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