Teen Entrepreneur Isn’t Letting POTS Stop Him

For people with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), everyday activities can sap a lot of strength. POTS is a form of dysautonomia that is characterized by a shortage of blood returning to the heart when someone moves from a lying down to a standing up position. It can cause intense fatigue, a rapid increase in heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness, and more. To learn more about POTS, click here.

However, fourteen-year-old Brandon Bowers from Buffalo Grove, IL, isn’t letting his POTS get in his way. According to the Chicago Tribune, the teen took his passion for automobiles this past summer and started traveling to other neighborhoods to wash people’s cars.

But this was more about making summer pocket money. Brandon, diagnosed with POTS in the third grade, wanted to start testing his own strength and challenge his disease’s limitations. He knew that each long day would make him very tired, but says that the grind is worth it.

“I’ve seen such an improvement.”

Brandon’s trick has been to ensure he stays very hydrated, which helps him to feel better by the end of the day. He takes a drink break in between cleaning each section of the car—the exterior, interior, etc.

Since he was so young when he was diagnosed, Brandon has needed time to figure out his limits and how to push them without going too far. Other than hydration, exercise has also been monumental in his quest to feel better, from the physical work of washing cars to going on long bike rides. He is now exercising more than he ever thought he could.

His parents and educators have recognized and praised his hard work, in school as well as in his entrepreneurial endeavors, and we here at Patient Worthy certainly do, too!

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