Bel Air Teen Pageant Contender With Rare Disease Gets Surprise In Hospital

Macey Brietenback continues to defy all odds. Originally reported by CBS Baltimore, the teenager lives with a condition that prevents her from digesting food. Even though it has given her setbacks her entire life, it hasn’t kept her from competing in the Miss Teen Maryland pageant.

Since she was born she had to manage major limitations. Macey is required to have an IV for 18 hours every day to make sure she is fed correctly. She can’t attend school like a normal teenager. Even though most teens express their “dislike” for school, she wants nothing more than to attend. Finding a passion was truly important for her, and when she learned about pageants she knew it was what she wanted, and needed, to do.

Recently, she competed in the Teen Miss Maryland pageant and was welcome to the stage by a roaring crowd. She exuded so much confidence and poise, which was quickly identifiable to all those watching. Unfortunately though, not long after the pageant, she experienced an extreme infection, landing her back in the hospital. It was her most serious episode to date.

While in the hospital Macey stayed strong, undergoing tons of tests, taking medications and laying confined to her bed with tons of tubes and wires keeping her level. It was a lot for the family to witness, but a surprise visit from Miss Maryland, Brittinay Nicolette, changed the energy for good.

When the word got around the pageant community, Brittinay quickly went to visit Macey, brightening up a literally rainy day. She brought a beautiful crown for Macy, put it on her head and gave her words of encouragement. It was an emotional moment for the two, as Macey shared that Brittinay is her idol.

Her family couldn’t be more thrilled to see their little girl shine so bright even when fighting her condition in a hospital bed. This setback won’t keep her from getting back on that stage once again.

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