An Innovative UK Charity Helps a Woman With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome get Employed for the First Time

According to a story from Able Magazine, 37 year old Victoria Clutton recently got her first job thanks to the efforts of the UK nonprofit organization ASTRiiD (Available Skills for Training, Refreshing, Improvement, Innovation and Development). Victoria was diagnosed with the debilitating rare disease chronic fatigue syndrome at age 16, and it has prevented her from being able to hold a job in the past.

About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a rare condition which is most characterized by long term fatigue and other symptoms which severely impact a person’s ability to fulfill daily tasks. The exact cause of the syndrome is poorly understood. Risk factors may include family history, low physical fitness, old age, mental health problems, and allergies. Women are also more likely to get the syndrome than men. The characteristic symptoms is severe, persistent fatigue that has no definitive cause and is not resolved with rest; other symptoms include difficulty sleeping, worsening of symptoms following exercise, night sweats, sensitivities to certain foods, noise, or odors, muscle and joint pain, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and sore throat. Symptoms may appear gradually or suddenly, and in severe cases can leave a patient bedridden. Some treatments may include energy management strategies such as pacing and changes in diet. To learn more about chronic fatigue syndrome, click here.

Employment With a Chronic Illness

ASTRiiD is an unique organization that is dedicated to helping people with chronic, long term illnesses find employment that suits their abilities, needs, and skills. Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or other forms of long term illness do not have jobs; patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, for example, may simply lack the energy to do the routine tasks necessary to find one, such as participate in a job interview. The disease can also prevent patients from obtaining the education they need in order to pursue their career ambitions.

ASTRiiD helps patients find employment through their website, which allows patients to describe their work skills to potential employers. They also are sure to inform them of how the circumstances of their condition affect their ability to work.

Victoria was able to land a job Altran, a global engineering consultant. Although the job is only 8.5 hours a week, Victoria is able to accomplish all of her tasks from home. The recent plethora of online work opportunities has created new opportunities for patients with long term illnesses.

To learn more about ASTRiiD’s activities and the services they can provide, click here.

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