Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: It’s mid-#NERVEmber!

We are mid-#NERVEmber and gearing up for the Thanksgiving season!

As we continue covering chronic illnesses like CRPS/RDS that can greatly effect the nerves, we are also highlighting some helpful tips and stats to help you on your rare disease journey.

As we delve into the #NERVEmber campaign, we have some informative, insightful and at times, light-hearted posts just for you!

So take a break, relax and enjoy another week of Editor’s Choice posts!


Message from CPS Foundation

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What is CPS?

 A Lesson from the VP of the CPS Foundation

Central Pain Syndrome is a lifelong neurological disease of the Central Nervous System, which causes constant, unending, agonizing pain signals of all somatic types simultaneously.

There is presently no cure, and any treatments are few and of limited efficacy. Help raise awareness by sharing this post!

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Brain with gears

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The 6 Emotions of Your Neurological Disease Diagnosis

After receiving a chronic disease diagnosis, the emotional roller coaster can last within the first ten minutes, or over a much longer period of time.

For those living with a neurological disease this #NERVEmber, check out this humorous, yet realistic take on what goes on in the mind as soon as there’s a name put to your pain.

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Girl looking down on a pier

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10 Tips that Will Save Your Sanity After a Diagnosis

Once you accept your diagnosis, it’s time to take action.

PW contributor and therapist Lisa D. shares some helpful tips to help manage and address your diagnosis in a proactive way.

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Patient Worthy Motivational Memes

Sometimes you just need a little motivation to take on the day.

Check out Patient Worthy’s motivational meme’s for some inspiration to tackle your battle head-on!


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