Editor’s Choice: 3 Powerful Messages From Inspiring Women

It’s officially April and it’s officially the WEEKEND!

PW Contributor Alexis writes of how her experience with PTSD relates to going through the process of diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Additionally, we have a most amazing mother’s letter on how her daughter won’t let cystinosis get her down.

Dysautonomia is one crazy condition. Everything you don’t think about to help your body function messes up. This woman with POTS, a form of dysautonomia, is speaking out. Lastly, we have a potential treatment announcement for acromegaly!

Enjoy another week of Editor’s Choice!



Alexis and her husband


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Traumatic Experience and Grief that Comes with Chronic Illness

Patient Worthy Contributor Alexis writes a candid article on the harshness of chronic disease. Coming from a fellow Lymie, this relatable story will surely hit home!

Her bravery and honesty is commendable so be sure to check out her story.

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Young Daughter with Cystinosis Inspires Mom

This mother writes a letter to cystinosis, letting the rare condition know that she won’t let it infringe on this beautiful life…

…in large part to her amazing young daughter, whose attitude is sure to motivate all of us to look at the glass half-full.

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Meet this Powerful Woman Starting a Conversation About POTS

Dysautonomia is scary and unpredictable. Sure, we know triggers and try to avoid them, but even with these precautions we can still have crazy symptoms.

This amazing woman is speaking out and helping the world understand this condition better!

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No More Needles for Acromegaly Patients?

Needles suck. As someone who used to get stuck daily, I can attest.

But for Acromegaly patients, there could be some good news ahead! Read more here.

Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell is one of PW's consultants and patient editors. She has lived with late-stage, chronic Lyme and POTS since circa 2002. She has also served as a caregiver to close family members with late-stage, chronic Lyme. Before diagnosis, she served as a business consultant for a large corporation and PM for a small digital branding agency. Now, she is proactive in the rare and neurological disease community, spreading awareness and advising on matters of health and lifestyle when living with a chronic illness.

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