Editor’s Choice: What Happens When You Look in the Mirror and Don’t Recognize the Person Looking Back?

Happy American Independence Day Weekend Patient Worthy!

What happens when you look into the mirror and the person staring back isn’t who you were expecting? One word: acromegaly. Do you or someone you know suffer from POTS? Do they also need a little humor in their life? Check out the stories below.

As Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month comes to an end, we will never stop spreading awareness about what it’s like to live with this rare condition. Additionally, the Amyloidosis Foundation’s Summer Newsletter is out and we have the scoop for you!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!





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Unfamilar Reflections: An Acromegaly Story

PW Contributor and Rare Mom Jill Sisco shares her acromegaly story with us, detailing when she noticed the at first subtle changes in her appearance, to accepting her rare condition.

Read about Jill and how she came to her diagnosis here!

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6 Annoying POTS Symptoms Explained in GIFs

POTS can be incredibly painful– but at times it can also be a massive inconvenience to explain to those around you.

Here, I list some of my most annoying POTS symptoms in hopes that some of you other spoonies out there can relate!

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Living with Myasthenia Gravis: Video Review

This young woman suffering from myasthenia gravis tells the world about what it’s like being a young adult and dealing with a rare disease.

Check out the video to hear what she has learned from her journey.

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Amyloidosis Foundation Summer 2016 NewsLetter

PW Partner The Amyloidosis Foundation has released their latest newsletter!

Check out their exciting highlights, and a couple of new developments and events.

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