Editor’s Choice: 8 Years of Lyme, I Run 4, and More!

Happy Friday Patient Worthians!

This week, we have some riveting stories by three PW contributors. Firstly, we have Alexis battling Lyme disease for 8 years and a surprising ending to Part 1 of this three-part interview. We also have Julie, a Rare Mom who tells us about her AWESOME I Run 4 experience.

Rob, one of our Video Series participants, tells us about his symptoms and surgery regarding acromegaly. Lastly, we want you to know how to recognize the symptoms of Wilson’s Disease.

So relax and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!


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How This Young Woman is Fighting 8 Years of Lyme Disease

PW Contributor Alexis Plofchan tells us about her journey with Lyme, starting in early high school and still present today.

Be sure to read part two of her interview, published this week!

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Our I Run 4 Experience

Julie is a rare mom of a brave young girl suffering from Albright’s Hereditary Osteodystrophy.

Here, she tells us about her experience with this awesome organization called I Run 4.

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Rob’s Acromegaly Symptoms and Surgery

PW contributor Rob tells us about his struggle with acromegaly.

Here, he covers the physical symptoms that others can see, and those less obvious symptoms like joint pain.

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Do You Recognize the Symptoms of This Rare and Deadly Disease?

Those of us in the rare disease community know that strange symptoms crop up, and often times doctors don’t even recognize what they might be indicating.

Well, we at Patient Worthy want you to know these tell-tale symptoms of Wilson’s disease.

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