Editor’s Choice: When MG Attacks, Learn How to Fight

Happy Friday Patient Worthians!

What happens when big pharma combines forces? Also, what are you doing in March? We have a conference for you!

What are the complications of having multiple cases of CF in the family? It’s more dangerous than you might think. Lastly, what is an HAE attack like? We have a contributor who details those horrors.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!




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When MG Strikes… Learn More at the March Conference!

Receiving a myasthenia gravis diagnosis is often scary and confusing… likely because you’ve never heard of the rare disease.

Well, this conference in March might have just what you are looking for to learn about MG!

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A Joint Venture for New Treatment of Rare Pediatric Epilepsies!

The relationship between patients and big pharma is complex and sensitive. We might think they hold the key to our health but they’re holding it hostage.

But once in a while, they surprise you– like these two companies joining forces for rare disease.

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CF Siblings: It’s Complicated, But You Can Help This Family

CF is already difficult for one person in a family. When TWO people in a family have it, it gets even more complex.

Check out how you can help this family here.

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The Anatomy of an HAE Attack – Part 2

PW Contributor Teresa wowed us with Part 1 of her description of an HAE attack.

Read the second part here.

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