Meme: 24 Hours

Tomorrow is another day. New beginnings and new opportunities are right around the corner and bad days don't last forever. Keep your chin up!

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Meme: Add a Little Love

This is always something good to keep in mind, but especially around the holidays! Spoonies often are dealing with fatigue and pain. Don't feel like you need to do so…

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Meme: Happy Thanksgiving!

Patient Worthy is wishing the very best Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers. Even if your meal isn't traditional, or is accompanied by a regiment of medications, we hope that you…

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Meme: You Got This

It doesn't matter what other people see, what matters is how tough YOU know you are. Your inner strength has gotten you through a lot and will continue to!

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Share Some Spoonie Love

Share Some Spoonie Love

Maybe you've seen Patient Worthy's article about Spoon Theory, maybe you've sent the Spoon Theory to friends or relatives, maybe you started using the term "spoonie" before you even really…

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